North Shoreview Flood Zone

In 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency finalized a Flood Insurance Study and Flood Insurance Rate Map that placed certain neighborhoods in San Mateo into a Special Flood Hazard Area. North Shoreview and parts of North Central were some of the areas that were then placed into s Special Flood Hazard Area.

View the November 2016 North Central and North Shoreview Flood Zones Newsletter for an update on the flood control infrastructure projects and learn a little about the process of forming an Assessment District.  Staff began working with a consultant to survey these neighborhoods to gauge support of an Assessment District in 2017.  View the June, 2014 North Shoreview or North Central presentations to understand the history of past projects and what still needs to be accomplished to pull these two neighborhoods out of the “high risk” zone.  Read the 2012 newsletter that shares our future goals for increasing flood protection for properties north of San Mateo Creek, and tips for lowering your premium.